About Betamaps

Welcome to the website of Betamaps, a project of TotalKunst Gallery and friends.
Betamaps is a platform for initiating a collective, spatially motivated, making and thinking process (evolving…), documented through a cyberhub (you are looking at it), and culminating in a three-week long array/collection/exposition of art works that deal with various notions of maps, movements, charts, instructions and recordings at the TotalKunst Gallery, Edinburgh.
Betamaps is happy to be part of the 2010 Annuale Festival. More information can be found here


On this site you will find info on the works and artists involved, texts and materials we are preparing, a calendar of events, links we like, and plenty of space for you to get involved and leave your ideas and comments.

WHEN : 14 June- 9 July 2010
WHERE: TotalKunst Gallery
3 Bristo Place

Map here

Some of the Betamap artists put together a collaborative ‘seed text’ to think through what the process of mapping might mean.
You can download a copy of this work-in-progress text here (pdf format)