Mirja Koponen


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I’m interested in the idea of maps as blueprints –  for various actions, or when an action yields some kind of blueprint as a residue. Gradually,  tenacious patterns and structures form out of habitual actions… reciprocally,  the environment gets segmented in the mind according to my experience of these patterns.

For Betamaps I want to construct a ‘routine’ that consists of presence only. For a week I attempt to create a space that simply exists for focusing on the experience of the outside of the gallery and the inside of it. The event/workshop/sit/in/space “States of Mind” runs in the gallery 28 june-2 july 10.30-11am.

I’m also curious to what extent a specific context such as this project can expose new aspects of  artists work and  enable new readings… what will show up? For this, I’ve  invited the work of two artists who  give an extended interpretation of ‘mapping’:  David Berridge (more info here) and Wayward Plants (entry here).

Both these projects are outgrowths of the gallery project Suitcase Series: they will be conducted from a distance by the artists through email skype etc, and the work is then ‘interpreted’ in Edinburgh (with Sara Sinclair, Stephen Goodall and the help of a far-flung collective of ‘interpreters’ in the case of Shadow of a Train, and with Kata Markus from the totalkunst gallery in the case of Wayward Plants.)


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